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Frequently asked questions

Where are the shirts made?

Sourcing quality materials is our number one priority because we believe that if you're going to shell out decent money for a piece of clothing, it better last. Especially one that you're going to want to wear every day. We attempted to make our own items from scratch right here in the USA but quickly found the process to be underwhelming, costly, and time consuming. Alas, we will revisit when the timing is right, but for now we're relying on the best of the best in manufacturing and supporting companies that make their products in eco-friendly and commercially responsible ways.

What are the patches made of?

All patches and accents are made from 100% re-purposed military and first responder uniforms worn by America's finest.

Where do the uniforms come from?

All LIMITED EDITION batches are individually tracked and numbered from the initial uniform donation all the way to your door so you can explore the history behind the uniform made in each purchase. The plan for the non-tracked uniforms is to offer a lower price point shirt for general consumption to tide you heathens over until the next release. The large majority of our uniforms comes from local military surplus turn-ins, freinds, family, neighbors, veteran groups, recruiting offices, and of course through customer donations.

What can I customize?

Currently, nothing :( BUT our plan is to roll out custom options soon with the vision of picking shirt color, thread color (for patches and embroidery), patch design, and camo pattern (LIMITED EDITION tracked donation or choose from a list of available options) in mind. That's where we need you help. This is an expensive process that requires specialized machines that most shop just don't carry (LASERS).

What is the shirt made out of?

We want these shirts to last, which is why we are using the most durable and versatile fabric we could source. Our shirts are made from a comfortable tri-blend of natural and synthetic fibers that help ensure they stand up to the rigors of daily life and most importantly our embroidery process. 50% polyester for improved durability, wrinkle and shrink resitance, 25% rayon for increased softness and quick-drying properties, and 25% natural cotton for a soft, breathable, and comfortable feel.

What is the wait time for pre-orders? When will they ship?

We're keeping the pre-order open for 30 days or until we sell out! We will be actively fulfilling orders during that time and hope to ship out orders at least once or twice a week until the first batch is sold. HOWEVER, since this our first time doing this, under a pandemic no less, we'd like to allocate 2-3 weeks lead time to complete and ship any pre-orders from the date of purchase.

What's your safety policy surrounding COVID-19

Well, my son has an immunodeficiency, and I have rarely stepped foot in another public building since Feburary. You can rest assure if these items enter and exit my house, they will absolutely be thoroughly sanitized. Beyond that, let's crush this new opportunity to build America 2.0 the right way...from the bottom up! That means putting YOU first. If you have any concerns, comments, questions, or just want fun ideas for things to entertain the kids hit me up directly keith@standardclothingus.com

What's your return policy?

Glad you asked. I've been personally wearing my Standard prototype shirts every single day (with a few exceptions) for the last 9 months starting in September of 2019. The first shirt that we had prototyped just so happens to be the shirt we ultimately decided on after half a year of testing and an attempt at making our own shirt from scratch (failed). Ironically, and maybe fatefully, it also happens to be my favorite t-shirt of all time (been buying em pre-Standard for years). More info... I digress...if I can wear it 9 months straight so should you! 9 MONTH GUARANTEE - If you have any issues with our products once they arrive to you, we'll make it right. No, loose threads don't count, Karen. Hit me up keith@standardclothingus.com

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ATTENTION: Shop will be closed through the holidays. We'll be back next year as we continue to work on rolling out new designs for healthcare and first responders, new product varieties, and CUSTOM options. Stay tuned and enjoy the holidays!